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Israel Deltoro
Israel was in the military for 4 years; 2 years as a search and rescue swimmer, 2 years in Navy Seal training. He started personal training in 2010 and set 2 national records in powerlifting. Then, in 2011 Israel became a strength and conditioning coach for local athletes. In 2012 he decided to start training CrossFit. Israel is a certified CrossFit instructor, and has been instructing since January of 2013. Since then, he has competed in 5 different CrossFit comps all over the northeast and continues to compete to this day.
James Creede is a local to the area and has been with the New York State Police for 13 years. He has been weight training his entire adult life, and has had his Level 1 CrossFit certification for 2 years now. Creede also has his CrossFit Strongman Training Certificate, and will soon have his CrossFit certified weight lifting certification.

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